When I work and in my art ,I hold hands with God.
Robert Maplethorpe

Monday, 18 June 2012

Language of silence(Tylos kalba)

Here is a poster of my first solo show in Lithuania in 1996 at state art gallery  museum  in Kaunas and   some of my  series of works from that exhibition.These works were my final project at Art Academy in Vilnius were I did a Art pedagogy degree.

The bird graphics

There is my graphic work done many years ago and this work was the inspiration for the painting called "The bird".The graphical work was exhibited in "Archyvo" gallery in my home town Kaunas at solo  exhibition called "Dreams" in 1996.


This painting was created using some of my old graphics compositions which I liked and decided to experiment a bit more in painting...I added some details and texture also is present in my painting...This is called "The bird"

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Abstract art


 Here is my abstract composition called"Symbols of the past " I invented  my own visual signs like letters.I also used some of my ornaments from my old graphics created many years ago.I was always interested in old civilisations and archetypal symbols.